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 (grăk′əs), Tiberius Sempronius c. 163-133 bc.
Roman social reformer. Known with his brother Gaius Sempronius Gracchus (c. 153-121 bc) as "the Gracchi," he sought to aid poor farmers through greater subdivision of land but was killed in a riot. Gaius assumed his brother's work, initiating several reforms, and met a similar fate.


(Biography) Tiberius Sempronius (taɪˈbɪərɪəs sɛmˈprəʊnɪəs). ?163–133 bc, and his younger brother, Gaius Sempronius (ˈɡaɪəs), 153–121 bc, known as the Gracchi. Roman tribunes and reformers. Tiberius attempted to redistribute public land among the poor but was murdered in the ensuing riot. Violence again occurred when the reform was revived by Gaius, and he too was killed


(ˈgræk əs)

Gaius Sempronius, 153–121 B.C., and his brother, Tiberius Sempronius, 163–133 B.C., Roman reformers and orators: known as the Gracchi (ˈgræk aɪ)
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I saw they'd got to the agrarian laws of Caius Gracchus, and I wondered if they knew anything about the agrarian troubles in Ireland.
Miller was an unsympathetic woman, who made no friends among the girls, and satisfied her affectionate impulses by petting a large cat named Gracchus, but generally called Bacchus by an endearing modification of the harsh initial consonant.
Miller, and speaking in a tone expressive of antipathy to Gracchus.
Individuals such as Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus (133BC and 123BC respectively), emerged armed with a populist articulation of the land crisis, dividing the Roman body politic in the process as they sought to gain the support of landless Italians and urban dwellers.
The land reform of Tiberius Gracchus has been copied in countries across the world for the next 2000 years.
My friend Douglas Carswell, an independent British MP, compares Trump to Tiberius Gracchus, who overthrew a Roman elite but proved so inept that he ushered in an authoritarian counterrevolution under Sulla that eventually became an empire.
Des freres Gracchus, dans l'antiquite romaine, a Raul Victor Haya de la Torre, dans le Perou de l'entre-deuxguerres, les populistes historiques ont ete des tribuns ayant le pouvoir qualifie parfois de magique--de catalyser la volonte et l'action des foules a travers les paroles.
This was too much for two relentless reformers, the brothers Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus, bent on restoring Rome to its previous societal equilibrium.
The Russian revolution was indeed the only example of a resounding and lasting success at a time when the working-class movement delighted in celebrating its martyrs and in extolling abortive insurrections--the Paris Commune being the most sensational example among many others, such as Gracchus Babeuf or Carlo Pisacane.
Voir les travaux pionniers de Smith (1956); Dubreuil (1965); Vallee (1965); et plus recemment Gracchus (1986); Mulot (2000); Chamberlain (2006).
Tesis defendida en la Sorbona, que rescata textos marginados o clandestinos que demuestran que los escritos de Etienne Gabriel Morelly y Gabriel Bonnot de Mably tuvieron amplia circulacion en la Revolucion Francesa, gracias al trabajo de promocion y agitacion de ideas que hizo Gracchus Babeuf, lider de la corriente de los "comunautistas".
O jacobino Gracchus Babeuf, ele proprio guilhotinado em 1797, exigiu: "Garantam a cada cidadao individual um nivel de felicidade permanente, a satisfacao das necessidades de todos e um rendimento fixo, independentemente de suas incapacidades, de sua imoralidade ou das mas intencoes dos poderosos" (apud TALMON 1961, p.