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Noun1.grade separation - a crossing that uses an underpass or overpass
crosswalk, crossover, crossing - a path (often marked) where something (as a street or railroad) can be crossed to get from one side to the other
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The project includes ramp modifications at Exits 69 and 71, rehabilitation and/or repairs to bridges, construction of noise barriers eastbound and westbound and widening bridges and constructing a new grade-separated crossing of the Washington & Old Dominion (W&OD) Trail at Lee Highway.
7-kilometre four-lane express highway on a new alignment with four grade-separated interchanges.
Pursuant to the project, the design and construction of four grade-separated interchanges along Bangerter Highway in Salt Lake City, Utah will be undertaken.
Road Express-way will be a grade-separated and access-controlled highway.
The Bahrain Gas Interchange project includes the widening of the existing three-lane divided carriageway and a new grade-separated interchange.
It includes several intermittent grade-separated interchanges, cross-drainage structures, and other facilities.
The project, comprising construction of 22km of a new dual carriageway, will have eight grade-separated interchanges.
The project also include several intermittent grade-separated interchanges, cross-drainage structures, camel crossings, and rest/service areas and weigh stations at intermittent locations.
The city prefers the "flyover" option--a grade-separated roadway that would take parts of the bypass 26 feet above other lanes of travel--and would keep traffic flowing.
In December, ministers agreed to a grade-separated junction at Long Newton, and a new link road between the village and Elton.
Transportation engineers faced with similar situations in the United States typically have two choices--either build an at-grade crossing where the railroad track and the new road cross at the same level or a grade-separated crossing where the new road and the railroad track are vertically separated, typically by building a vehicle bridge above the tracks.