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n.1.A toothed chised by sculptors.
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Exploitation of departmental theaters: Theatre Champ-Fleuri (including room 914 seats and the room called Karo Kann 100 places) and outdoor theater of Saint-Gilles Petit Badamier Gradine 252 seats)
La unica empresa afectada por esta disposicion resulto ser la Societe des produits laitiers La Fleurette, que fabricaba un producto denominado gradine compuesto de leche, aceite de cacahuetes y yema de huevo.
The steamer, which was perhaps the best Confederate war ship in the harbor, was armed with a 32-pounder, on pivot, and a 24-pounder howitzer and carried a crew of three Whites and eight Blacks, including Smalls and two slave engineers, John Smalls (no relation) and Alfred Gradine.