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n.1.A steward; an overseer.
[A prince] is nothing but a servant, overseer, or graff, and not the head, which is a title belonging only to Christ.
- John Knox.
n. & v.1.See Graft.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Following a three-day jury trial on April 26th an Aitkin County jury found retired district court Judge Robert Graff not guilty of trespassing in the DNR Savanna State Forest in Aitkin County.
The 10 sessions of Graff Club will be held throughout 2019/2020, starting on May 4.
The Graff Lesedi La Rona weighs 302.37 carats and is the "largest, highest clarity, highest colour diamond ever graded by the GIA", (Gemological Institute of America) said Graff.
What buildings were not sold off or moved simply were demolished and buried on-site, said Rebecca Graff, assistant professor of anthropology and chair of the American studies at Lake Forest College.
Tribune News Network Doha Inspired by Laurence Graff's passion for diamonds, Graff has unveiled a new engagement ring setting as part of its enchanting bridal collection that celebrates the incomparable brilliance of one of Mother Nature's most precious gifts.
They also asked architect Bronson Graff why the design team chose Juliet balconies rather than full balconies.<br />"Simply put, management of the budget," Graff said.<br />The city valued the project at $32 million.<br />Commissioner Tad Savinar questioned whether the project would have a cohesive appearance using the oko material.<br />"I have a problem with the material in this context and how the material is treated," he said.
The person behind the work is Arlin Graff, a 30-year-old Brazilian man, who was born in the city of Tatui, in the countryside of Sao Paulo.
Graff, CFA(r), as the firm's co-chief investment officer.
The 43.59 carat Graff Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Ring sold for PS1.1 million, a figure which rose to PS1,307,600 with auction fees and VAT.
To improve the quality of the on-screen content, LEG turned to ESG Show Services owner Wes Thuro and 4NR tech production designer and manager Clark Graff to design a new workflow centred on image magnification (IMAG).
The latest version of the Senate committee's tax cut bill does not require that catch-up contributions to 401(k) plans -- available to those 50 and older -- be limited to after-tax Roth contributions, an amendment originally added by Senate Finance Chairman Orin Hatch (R-Utah), according to Brian Graff, CEO of the American Retirement Association (ARA).