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n.1.A steward; an overseer.
[A prince] is nothing but a servant, overseer, or graff, and not the head, which is a title belonging only to Christ.
- John Knox.
n. & v.1.See Graft.
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Graff For over half a century, Graff has epitomised the very pinnacle of the high jewellery industry, discovering and crafting diamonds of brilliance and rarity.
59 carat Graff Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Ring sold for PS1.
The latest version of the Senate committee's tax cut bill does not require that catch-up contributions to 401(k) plans -- available to those 50 and older -- be limited to after-tax Roth contributions, an amendment originally added by Senate Finance Chairman Orin Hatch (R-Utah), according to Brian Graff, CEO of the American Retirement Association (ARA).
During the past two decades, developers Wally Graff and Nathan Philips have had a profitable partnership by teaming up with Oregon Medical Group and investors to construct and renovate medical facilities that annually care for thousands of patients in Eugene and Springfield.
Judging by her magnificent display of pure athleticism, Jessie Graff, by all means, should be considered a real-life superhero.
Supergirl" stunt woman Jessie Graff made history on the special episode of "American Ninja Warrior: USA vs.
Dr Martin Graff, of South Wales University, recruited 340 people from Twitter and Facebook to respond to personality questionnaires.
P-51 Mustang: Seventy-Five Years of America's Most Famous Warbird by Cory Graff.
Those were the words relayed by Child and Youth Advocate Del Graff, on behalf of a mother, who lost her two boys to suicide.
said Barry Graff, chief operating officer for Alpha Distribution Solutions.
Retirement is front and center, and there is much concern that many people are without access to retirement plans at work, said Brian Graff, Esq.