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Noun1.Graham Greene - English novelist and Catholic (1904-1991)Graham Greene - English novelist and Catholic (1904-1991)
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Our Man Down in Havana: The Story behind Graham Greene's Cold War Spy Novel
immigration authorities deported Graham Greene from Puerto Rico in 1954, the British author made an unplanned visit to Havana and discovered that "every vice was permissible and every trade possible" in a Caribbean fleshpot of mafia-run casinos and nude revues.
Graham Greene's The Living Room: An Uncomfortable Catholic Play in Franco's Spain
Sparse, brutal, dark and doomed - Graham Greene just getting into his stride in this pre-war tale of retribution and damnation.
GRAHAM GREENE EN MEXICO Ciudad de Mexico, Aldus/Matadero, 2017, 286 pp.
Fans of Graham Greene have plenty of properties to visit where the Brighton Rock author left his mark.
Graham Greene lived here during WWII But the best known property linked to the author is a Queen Anne house at 14, Clapham Common Northside in South London, which Greene rented for his family for five years during the war, before he and Vivien separated.
Graham Greene was one of the most prolific--and to my mind, one of the best--writers in the English language.
Echoing, but significantly reworking, Conrad's Heart of Darkness, Graham Greene sets A Burnt-Out Case (1960) in the Congo.
BORN MARLON Brando, US film actor, 1924, above EDDIE Murphy, US film actor, 1961 TIM Krul, Newcastle United goalkeeper, 1988 DIED JESSE James, American outlaw, 1882 GRAHAM Greene, English novelist, 1991 LIONEL Bart, English pop composer, 1999, above
As the son of BBC announcer Andrew Timothy, he has also done regular voice work and returned to the theatre in March of this year to appear in a production of Graham Greene's play The Living Room at the Jermyn Street Theatre J Pullman, Bridlington East Yorks