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 (grā′əm), Kenneth 1859-1932.
British writer known for his essays and children's books, notably The Wind in the Willows (1908).


(Biography) Kenneth. 1859–1932, Scottish author, noted for the children's classic The Wind in the Willows (1908)


(ˈgreɪ əm)

Kenneth, 1859–1932, Scottish writer.
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Noun1.Grahame - English writer (born in Scotland) of children's stories (1859-1932)
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"The better our opportunity," Grahame answered vigorously.
Grahame looked at him in wonder, and Brott faced him sturdily.
I have been to all these places, wasted my time, wasted their time, from a purely selfish reason - to be near the only woman I have ever cared for, the woman, Grahame!"
And I think, Grahame, that lately she has been trying constantly, persistently, to tone down my opinions.
"This must never go out of the room," Grahame said hoarsely.
Seeing him grow weary a third traitor, the King's greatest enemy, Robert Grahame, leaped down too into the vault, "with a horrible and mortal weapon in his hand, and therewithal he smote him through the body, and therewithal the good King fell down."*
Gilly Semple, visiting recently with her son and brother, was greeted by deputy presiding officer Christine Grahame MSP, who presented her with a hamper from the Scottish Parliament gift shop.
Grahame Smith, of the STUC, told us: "Sadly, it seems EDF are all talk.
Pauline Taylor-French married her partner Grahame in 2017 but the couple had not been able to take their honeymoon as Pauline was subject to a lengthy deportation battle.
Grahame Roberts has been volunteering for the Red Cross in Cheshire for more than 45 years, supporting its first aid, emergency response and independent living services.
Gloria Grahame (Annette Benning) se prepara, la obra es una produccion en Inglaterra de El zoologico de cristal, el ano 1981.
In return, it would be named 'Grahame Heath' - and flown by Barrie Heath.