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n.1.A halfround single-cut file or fioat, having one curved face and one straight face, - used by comb makers.
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In lipids of saltwater fish, such as sardine, salmon and tuna, the main fatty acids found are the polyunsaturated ones, like the eicosapentaenoic (EPA, 20:5n-3) and the docosahexaenoic (DHA, 22:6n-3) (Gunstone, Harwood, & Padley, 1994, Lands, 2005, Turon, Rwabwogo, Barea, Pina, & Graille, 2005).
Jean-Marie Tjibaou, "La culture, element cle de la reconquete kanak," cited in Caroline Graille "Patrimoine et Identite Kanak en Nouvelle Caledonie," Ethnologies comparees 2 (Printemps, 2001) 1.
With: Marion Cotillard, Guillaume Canet, Guillaume Marquet, Saidou Abtacha, Frederic Epaud, Michael Vander Meiren, Nabil Imtital, Halimata Graille, Mohamed Kounda, Mohamed Ixa.
Here's what their president Francis Graille said: "Manchester have not played the game in line with FIFA regulations.
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16) Tambien se ha estudiado el caso del grupo Ollivier, el cual, como compania abarcaba tres giros y tambien estaba asociada con el grupo Graille para continuar con el mercado oligopolico de las novedades.
readers with a point of departure: Patrick Graille, Les hermaphrodites:
PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN president Francis Graille has pledged to fight the reign of terror on the terraces.
In an insightful essay on monstrosity in eighteenth-century thought, Andrew Curran and Patrick Graille describe how the 'monster' loomed threateningly over efforts in the Enlightenment to build a coherent and all-inclusive grid of taxonomies (see Curran and Graille, 1997).
Paris Sr Germain president Francis Graille has defended the decision to fine striker Pedro Pauleta for returning to training two weeks late, but insists the player is still very much a part of the club's plans.
PARIS St Germain president Francis Graille has warned Manchester United that a number of Spanish clubs are queuing up to sign Old Trafford target Gabriel Heinze.