Grain colors

dyes made from the coccus or kermes insect.

See also: Grain

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Transforming a home's decor is now even easier with a broad range of natural grain colors, including Classic White, Beech, Natural Maple, Warm Cherry, Wild Cherry, Cherry Spice, Light Knotty Pine and Warm Knotty Pine.
Four patterns of association were detected among the eight glume and grain qualitative traits: (i) aleurone (Gr-1) and grain colors (Gr-2); (ii) spiculations of inner lateral nerves (Gr-5) and length of lodicules (Gr-6); (iii) glume hairiness (Gl-1) and rachilla hair type (Gr-4) were plotted in pairs in close proximity; and (iv) lemma color (Gl-2) and lemma base type (Gr-3).
Selection by farmers and natural selection may have resulted in the high frequency of certain phenotypes adapted to the prevailing climatic and edaphic conditions (Ceccarelli et al., 1987), with farmers actively selecting for certain phenological (e.g., earliness) and agronomic (e.g., plant height, tillering capacity, grain color, grain yield and forage yield) traits (Kebebew et al., 2001).
All chairs are available in 32 finish and wood grain colors. The range of design and colors of the Duraframe chairs allow for unlimited stylistic expression.