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 (grə-nä′dōs, grä-nä′thōs), Enrique 1867-1916.
Spanish pianist and composer noted for his nationalistic music, such as Goyescas (1911), piano works inspired by the paintings of Goya.


(Spanish ɡraˈnaðɔs)
(Biography) Enrique (enˈrrike), full name Enrique Granados y Campina. 1867–1916, Spanish composer, noted for the Goyescas (1911) for piano, which formed the basis for an opera of the same name


(grəˈnɑ doʊs)

Enrique, 1867–1916, Spanish composer.
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Del Granado said that the MSM "opposes the MAS's personalist and authoritarian vision but also the opportunistic vision of conservative sectors that want to form unity fronts only to win elections any way possible.