grand climacteric

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(klaɪˈmæk tər ɪk, ˌklaɪ mækˈtɛr ɪk)

1. a period of decrease of reproductive capacity in men and women, culminating, in women, in the menopause.
2. any critical period.
3. a year in which important changes in health, fortune, etc., are held by some theories to occur, as one's sixty-third year (grand climacteric).
4. Also, cli`mac•ter′i•cal. critical; crucial.
[1595–1605; < Latin clīmactēricus < Greek klīmaktērikós, derivative of klīmaktḗr rung of a ladder, critical point in life, derivative of klîmax (see climax)]
cli`mac•ter′i•cal•ly, adv.
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And lastly, seated on some of the back benches, where they had already taken up their positions for the evening, were divers unmarried ladies past their grand climacteric, who, not dancing because there were no partners for them, and not playing cards lest they should be set down as irretrievably single, were in the favourable situation of being able to abuse everybody without reflecting on themselves.
Examples given are: the numerological plays on parts of the human body in 20; `[h]our minutes' in 60; the grand climacteric in 63; the double climacteric in 126; and a discovery claimed by this editor, that the twenty-eight sonnets to the dark lady allude by their number `most probably' to the lunar, menstrual cycle, an innovative suggestion easily acceptable only to convinced numerologists; some other readers may feel instinctively that numerology itself can be an arbitrary game.