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 (grănd′pâr′ənt, -păr′-, grăn′-)
A parent of one's mother or father; a grandmother or grandfather.

grand′pa·ren′tal (-pə-rĕn′tl) adj.
grand′par′ent·hood′ n.


(ˈɡrænˌpɛərənt; ˈɡrænd-)
the father or mother of either of one's parents


(ˈgrænˌpɛər ənt, -ˌpær-, ˈgrænd-)

a parent of a parent; a grandmother or grandfather.
grand′par`ent•ing, n.
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Noun1.grandparent - a parent of your father or mothergrandparent - a parent of your father or mother  
forbear, forebear - a person from whom you are descended
gramps, grandad, granddad, granddaddy, grandfather, grandpa - the father of your father or mother
gran, grandma, grandmother, grannie, granny, nanna, nan - the mother of your father or mother
starý rodič


[ˈgrændpɛərənt] n (= grandfather) → grand-père m (= grandmother) → grand-mère f
my grandparents → mes grands-parents mplgrand piano npiano m à queue


[ˈgrænˌpɛərnt] nnonno/a


(ˈgrӕnfaːðə) grandmother (ˈgrӕnmaðə) , grandparent (ˈgrӕnpeərənt) noun
the father or mother of one's father or mother.
grandfather clock
a clock with a tall usually wooden case which stands on the floor.


n abuelo -la mf; npl abuelos
References in classic literature ?
Say first, for Heav'n hides nothing from thy view Nor the deep Tract of Hell, say first what cause Mov'd our Grand Parents in that happy State, Favour'd of Heav'n so highly, to fall off From their Creator, and transgress his Will For one restraint, Lords of the World besides?
In a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange, Calata said it will acquire from Topigs Norsvin a nucleus unit with a 1,100-head breeding herd composed of Great Grand Parent (GGP) and Grand Parent (GP) breeding stock.
A senior official of the company said the hatchery is comprised of a new broiler hatchery, further breeder houses, a new grand parent farm and staff accommodation and allied buildings.
After some research, Cooley's lineage was far from exceptional, more and more families have “great” grandparents, where families in the 1950's were lucky to have one surviving grand parent.
Kherbouche, director and owner of Groupe Kherbouche commented: "The building of this prestigious new Grand Parent project is a logical next step in our development in the Algerian poultry sector.
Relief for agriculture and poultry farming sector: Ending 5 percent regulatory duty on import of grand parent and parent stock of chicken, reduction of custom duty from 11 to 5 percent, reduction of custom
xx WHITE Frank Loving memories of a dear dad and grand parent always remembered by Ronald and family.
ISLAMABAD -- Finance Minister Ishaq Dar Friday announced relief for the poultry sector through lifting of 5 per cent regulatory duty on grand parent and parent stock import of chicken.
Some people ease the dilemma by giving the new baby a family name, one that has aspecial meaning because of its links to previous generations or perhaps to a loved grand parent.
Giving budget proposals of poultry industry here Monday, the former Poultry Association Chairman Abdul Basit said that government should make a difference between the duty on grand parent poultry stock and duty on its finished goods that has been implemented at the same rate at present.
The two companies including Grand Parent Poultry (Pvt.
There were nuclear family system where there are no grand parents for the support and moral upbringing of children.