Grand pensionary

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- Holland.
the title of the prime minister, or or president of the Council, of Holland when a republic.

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The Grand Pensionary bowed before the will of his fellow citizens; Cornelius de Witt, however, was more obstinate, and notwithstanding all the threats of death from the Orangist rabble, who besieged him in his house at Dort, he stoutly refused to sign the act by which the office of Stadtholder was restored.
John de Witt, at the first intimation of the charge brought against his brother, had resigned his office of Grand Pensionary. He too received a noble recompense for his devotedness to the best interests of his country, taking with him into the retirement of private life the hatred of a host of enemies, and the fresh scars of wounds inflicted by assassins, only too often the sole guerdon obtained by honest people, who are guilty of having worked for their country, and of having forgotten their own private interests.
And with the same calm mien, but more melancholy than he had been on entering the prison, the Grand Pensionary proceeded towards the cell of his brother.
Most of the King's prime lieutenants--such as his right-hand-man, William Bentinck, and the grand pensionary of the States General, Gaspar Fagel--were dedicated gardeners.
The reins of power were taken over in 1652 by John de Witt, the Grand Pensionary of Holland and effective Foreign Minister of the Dutch Republic.
He liaised closely with van Beuningen and the Grand Pensionary, Gaspar Fagel, but his support for the Prince of Orange evaporated with the withdrawal of the French troops.
The Prince rarely communicated directly with the burgomasters but relied on the mediation of the Grand Pensionary, Gaspar Fagel, who had succeeded John de Witt.
After his return to Amsterdam in 1677 he became the person most likely to be deputed to liaise between the city and the prince (through the Grand Pensionary).
He continued to work with the Grand Pensionary during the first Luxem.