Grand stand

the principal stand, or erection for spectators, at a, race course, etc.

See also: Grand

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
They had built a sort of grand stand for the nobility and gentry, and these were there in full force, with their ladies.
There were four patriarchs and two prophets on the Grand Stand that time - there hasn't been anything like it since Captain Kidd came; Abel was there - the first time in twelve hundred years.
Close by us was the Grand Stand - tier on tier of dim thrones rising up toward the zenith.
"Keep your eyes on the Grand Stand and the miles of seats - sharp!" says Sandy, "and listen for the gun-fire."
While he marched up the steps of the Grand Stand, the choir struck up, -
There were four gorgeous tents standing side by side in the place of honor, on a broad railed platform in the centre of the Grand Stand, with a shining guard of honor round about them.
But, as his manager knew, it was a grand stand play.
The challenge had been bruited abroad, and the fishermen and seafaring folk of Benicia turned out to a man, crowding Steamboat Wharf till it looked like the grand stand at a football match.
As the drag drew up in the enclosure near the grand stand I glanced at the card to see the entries.
The corn did pop and there was no dearth of my favourite beverage on the upper tier of the Grand Stand. Not to mention of course the aroma from WG's Whacking Great Sandwiches wafting all across the ground-floor sidewalks and assembly points.
Kakooza Wazzir will be contesting the Concours for the second time and will drive his rare 1984 Panther Kallista on the Total ramp and along the judging line in front of the main grand stand. Jinja-based Leslie Carvell will bring her 1970 Volkswagen Beetle to Nairobi for the event.