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Dos autores Rodolfo Peres Berardinelli e Joao Felipe Rammelt Sauerbronn da Universidade do Grande Rio. O artigo traz uma pesquisa com professores da area de Marketing, para verificar suas visoes sobre o ensino da disciplina.
O grande rio ramificou-se em quatro bracos, hoje conhecidos como Iterere, Cacumanga, Cula e o proprio Paraiba do Sul.
Angelica da Silva Bernardes, one of those working in the warehouse run by the Grande Rio group who are taking part in the parades said: "We're anonymous artists.
Both infections occurred in the Grande Rio region, where Callithrix spp.
The only thing that didn't burn was the dancers' determination to go into the parade," said Cae Rodrigues, artistic director for one of the schools which will parade Monday, Grande Rio.
Clockwise from top, 904 cross country skiers make their way across the slopes near Samedan during the fourth women only Ski Marathon from Samedan to Schanf; nude women protesters spell out 'no war' on a football field in Sydney during an anti-war demonstration; images of Jupiter captured by a Nasa spacecraft on its way to Saturn were made public for the first time this week; members of Brazilian samba school Grande Rio dance on top of a float built in the shape of a locomotive in Rio de Janeiro's Sambodrome during the carnival; Zimbabwean fast pace bowler Henry Olonga's hair flies while training at Goodyear Park in Bloemfontein, South Africa
Yesterday, she posed for pictures at the Unidos de Grande Rio school for samba, ahead of Sunday's big parade.
The 32-year-old former underwear model, the mother of rocker Mick Jagger's young son, took to the stage with the Grande Rio Samba School in the city's Sambadrome.
Luciana, 29 jetted back to her homeland from her base in New York to join the Grande Rio samba school parade.