Granite Stater

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Noun1.Granite Stater - a native or resident of New Hampshire
American - a native or inhabitant of the United States
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I will fight to make sure we fund effective strategies to defeat the opioid crisis, and to make sure every Granite Stater has access to mental health services.
Regardless of whether you support or oppose the project, every Granite Stater can agree that it is fundamentally a local concern.
"From the single, working mother in Manchester, to the small business owner on the Seacoast, to the hunters of the north country -- this bipartisan bill will provide as many opportunities as possible for Granite Staters to receive the best financing required to achieve car ownership," he added.
"This is something Granite Staters have never seen from Rick Perry before."
In commenting on his re-appointment, Sevigny said, "It is an honor to serve the people of New Hampshire, and I look forward to continue working with Governor Hassan to improve and enhance insurance coverage for all Granite Staters."
According to Granite Staters for Medical Marijuana, all of the eight declared candidates for the Democratic nomination have promised to call off the DEA's raids if elected.
Rather than the voters deciding whom to elect, elected officials draw the district lines and decide which Granite Staters will have the chance to vote for them.