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Noun1.Grant Wood - United States painter noted for works based on life in the Midwest (1892-1942)Grant Wood - United States painter noted for works based on life in the Midwest (1892-1942)
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American Gothic, 1930, Grant Wood (1891-1942), oil on beaver board, 78 x 65cm.
Com) and creation of a new, independent grant wood trails website with an associated mobile application
Grant Wood believed that to be a real artist, he must live in Paris.
Representations by painter Grant Wood and architect Frank Lloyd Wright are considered.
Paintings, drawings and sculptures by various artists will be featured as well, including art by Thomas Hart Benton and Grant Wood.
Which famous painting by Grant Wood depicts a farmer holding a pitchfork outside his home while his daughter looks on?
These outdoor paintings evoke the accessible American Regionalism of Grant Wood or Thomas Hart Benton, yet they also evince uneasy undercurrents: In both works, a lone figure stands in a landscape with a paper bag over his head.
This prompted one of her best friends, Kerry Farrelly, to set up a fund raising committee with close friends Stacey Tommy, Grant Wood, Colin Pinfield and Faz Farrelly.
It is hurtful as a professional artist to be told what is art work and what is not art work,'' said Tanyolacar, 38, who has taught at colleges in Florida and came to Iowa on a prestigious one-year Grant Wood printmaking fellowship.
Berger & Grant Wood 2010), which illustrates how the industry can be more than a means of capitalist incorporation--one that is also capable of cultural affirmation (Saragoza 1998), or of constituting informal forms of political diplomacy (Berger 2006).
Integrada con numerosas pinturas y esculturas que sorprenden por su simplicidad o mediocridad tematica y formal--entre otras, practicamente todas las esculturas y varias pinturas de paisajes, caballos, arboles, el retrato de un nino que hurga con el dedo en su nariz, un horrible payaso, una pesima recreacion del American Gothic (1930) de Grant Wood y diferentes poeticas abstractas--, la muestra descubre la necesidad de reestructurar e inclusive redefinir la funcion educativa de La Esmeralda.
Dina Berger, assistant professor of history at Loyola University, and Andrew Grant Wood, associate professor of history at Tulsa University, are responsible for collecting and editing the essays included in Holiday in Mexico.