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Noun1.Grant Wood - United States painter noted for works based on life in the Midwest (1892-1942)Grant Wood - United States painter noted for works based on life in the Midwest (1892-1942)
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For example, she asks her kids to "Find Grant Wood's most famous piece and pose with a broom in the same fashion," or "Point to the biggest star in van Gogh's night sky classic."
Tripp Evans includes a fascinating analysis of Parson Weems' Fable in his wonderful, richly detailed 2010 biography, Grant Wood: A Life, an analysis centering on a certain kind of castration anxiety the artist likely related to his father.
Greg Newbold's chameleon-like artistry shows us Roy Lichtenstein's snow hero saving the day, Georgia O'Keefe's snowman blooming in the desert, Claude Monet's snowmen among haystacks, Grant Wood's American Gothic snowman, Jackson Pollock's snowman in ten thousand splats, Salvador Dali's snowmen dripping like melty cheese, and snowmen as they might have been rendered by J.
The shirt worn by the farmer in Grant Wood's American Gothic (1930; Fig.
Inspired by the life of Grant Wood, this is an imagined story of the great American painter and a cow named Tillie.
Representations by painter Grant Wood and architect Frank Lloyd Wright are considered.
This effort by "The Skrlin" hearkens to the early portion of the 20th Century American Gothic school of painting, a school that was exemplified by Grant Wood through the execution of his masterpiece of the same name: American Gothic.
Paintings, drawings and sculptures by various artists will be featured as well, including art by Thomas Hart Benton and Grant Wood. Brennan has been exhibiting his art throughout the Midwest since the 1980s.
Which famous painting by Grant Wood depicts a farmer holding a pitchfork outside his home while his daughter looks on?
This prompted one of her best friends, Kerry Farrelly, to set up a fund raising committee with close friends Stacey Tommy, Grant Wood, Colin Pinfield and Faz Farrelly.