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All but three are in Devanagari script: two in Malayalam and one in Grantha. The one manuscript that identifies its place of copying was copied in Varanasi.
The month-long Amar Ekushey Grantha Mela, which brought together a diverse mix of the country's well-known writers, as well as up-and-coming authors, thinkers, and entertainers on one stage, will come to an end today following extension of two-days, reports BSS.
Grantha, mainly the scarce hand written ones were tried to take and hide in Himavat-khandajust to protect the granthaas the crisis management.
The last chapter has manuscripts of various stotras, Bhaktimala Grantha, an illustration of Meghdoot by artist Shailendranath Dey, and conservation notes on paintings by Vismay Raval.
[1-3] Various ancient Indian literatures such as Grantha Samitha and Bhagwad Gita have mentioned about various yogic practices.
Nagarajan indicated that as far as he knew then, the novel Samskara (Manohara Grantha Mala Dhawar) had not been translated into English, and added at that time, "indeed it is not easy to translate it either, since its structure and style have something of the complexity and density of an English 'metaphysical' lyric.
In Nora Fisher (ed.) Mud Mirror and Thread: Folk traditions of rural India, NJ: Grantha Corporation pp.66-109 (p.74)
"Lalitapuravasi maithila vidvana kunu sarma tatha hunaka tina.ta grantha," Amgana 2, 37-41.
Extensive training on ancient scripts such as Brahmi, Kharosthi, Grantha, Takri, Modi, Nandinagari, Sarada, and Tigalari is needed to enable scholars to decipher and read the content of manuscripts.