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n. granulosa, membrana ovárica de células epiteliales que rodea el folículo ovárico.
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The Phase 2 trial will include patients who have different PgR+ solid tumors in advanced stages, including low grade serous ovarian, granulosa cell, and endometrioid endometrial cancer, who have received prior chemotherapy treatment.
The theca of atretic mature oocytes was hypertrophied and persisted to form the interstitial cells, whereas the granulosa cells were regressed and disappeared.
Las celulas de la granulosa fueron aisladas de acuerdo a lo reportado por Grado-Ahuir et al.
To the Editor: Adult granulosa cell tumor (AGCT) of the ovary is a low-grade malignant, sex cord-stromal tumor with an indolent course and late recurrence.
Granulosa cell tumors may be in the differential of standard fibromas, as the former may have prominent fibromatous areas, and it would be possible at the time of frozen section of a granulosa cell tumor to sample a zone that morphologically would be entirely appropriate to characterize as fibroma.
En los foliculos primordiales el ovocito con nucleo vesiculoso, esta rodeado por un epitelio plano o cubico bajo de celulas foliculares que corresponden a la capa granulosa. Externamente a la membrana basal se disponen algunos miofibroblastos (Fig.
Preimplantasyon donemde embriyo gelisimi ve arastirilmasinda yurutulen transkriptomik analizler, granulosa, kumulus, oosit, spermatozoa ve embriyolardan elde edilen blastomer hucreleri ve follikul sivisini kapsamaktadir (12-14).
2000).The GDF9 secreted particularly from oocyte through folliculogenesis, it works synergistically with bone morphogenetic protein 15(BMP15) to enhance proliferation of granulosa cells, increment in inhibin production and suppressing progesterone secretion induced by FSH (McNatty et al.
The PicoAMH Elisa diagnostic test measures circulating levels of anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH), a granulosa cell product in ovaries that is present only until menopause.
The ultrastructural study of the corpus luteum granulosa cells of these animals revealed an increase in the smooth and rough endoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria, which, in turn, indicated their steroidogenesis (4).