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1. (Biography) 1st Earl, title of John Carteret. 1690–1763, British statesman: secretary of state (1742–44); a leading opponent of Walpole
2. (Biography) 2nd Earl, title of Granville George Leveson-Gower. 1815–91, British Liberal politician: Gladstone's foreign secretary (1870–74; 1880–85) and a supporter of Irish Home Rule


(ˈgræn vɪl)

Earl of, Carteret, John.
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Of course, you don't understand, but the point is that I've persuaded Doctor Hadley to bring in Doctor Granville, who is a dentist and a pyorrhea expert.
Doctor Granville, at the outside, will cure his pyorrhea with emetine for no more than a paltry fifty dollars.
Madame de Granville had with her, by chance, a bottle of salts, which revived the colonel for a moment.
Monsieur and Madame de Granville placed their carriage entirely at the disposal of the marquis, assuring him courteously that they would like to continue their way on foot.
I believe she comes from Moulins," replied Monsieur de Granville.
Bianchon, Lucien de Rubempre, Octave de Camps, the Comte de Granville, the Vicomte de Fontaine, du Bruel the vaudevillist, Andoche Finot the journalist, Derville, one of the best heads in the law courts, the Comte du Chatelet, deputy, du Tillet, banker, and several elegant young men, such as Paul de Manerville and the Vicomte de Portenduere.
RiceWrap Foods Corporation, a food manufacturer with a unique, patent-pending method of producing and delivering rice for sushi, will create 305 new jobs in Granville County, Governor Roy Cooper announced today.
Mindaptiv co-founders Ken Granville and John "Jake" Kolb worked together on various consulting projects at InVisM in Greenwood Village, with a collective resume spanning from videogames and virtual reality to telecom and enterprise systems.
Armed police were called to Granville Road, central Middlesbrough, following reports of shots being fired from an upstairs window.
Remembering Inflation by Brigitte Granville, Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2013.