Graphic method

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the method of scientific analysis or investigation, in which the relations or laws involved in tabular numbers are represented to the eye by means of curves or other figures; as the daily changes of weather by means of curves, the abscissas of which represent the hours of the day, and the ordinates the corresponding degrees of temperature.

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Finally, the estimated value of the wind power density was calculated by means of the Weibull distribution function, whose shape and scale parameters, obtained from the graphic method, were 2.15 and 5.32 m/s respectively.
These three comfort calculation approaches are: a graphic method for simple situations; an analytical method for more general cases; and a method that uses elevated air speed to provide comfort as three comfort calculation methods.
The graphic method of the test of goodness-of-fit is too subjective, whereas each of the tests in calculation method can only test the goodness-of-fit in one certain aspect.
It disappeared in the 1700s, except among miniaturists, until it was revived in the first half of the 1800s by artists keen to experiment with a graphic method associated with the creative flowering of the Renaissance --be it in Italy, with Leonardo and Raphael, or north of the Alps with masters such as Rogier van der Weyden, Hans Holbein the Elder and Albrecht Durer.
VB graphic method refers to precede drawing action on forms, picture box, etc.
The scree test is a heuristic graphic method that consists of: a) plotting the eigenvalues (y-axis) against the components (x-axis), and b) inspecting the shape of the resulting curve in order to detect the point at which the curve changes drastically (and the "scree on the hill slope" begins).
Also the graphic method SCS were evaluated on 19 watersheds in three regions of Northern Alborz, Azarbaijan and Qazvin and has Good results in two regions of Azerbaijan and Qazvin [10].
By using a new "graphic method" of notation, acoustical researchers could render "audible vibrations" as "a set of [visible] tracings." (24) Capitalizing on (and often directly contributing to) these new acoustical methods and technologies, experimental physiologists such as Helmholtz began outlining the fundamentals of a physiological acoustics that was equipped to address not only somatic phenomena but also the aesthetics of music and, eventually, poetry.
To verify the existence, direction and shape of the connection between the two characteristics we use one of the simplest (elementary) methods of quality analysis, for example the graphic method.
This is a comparative graphic method, which graphically represents in Atlas manner 21 different chronological stages of dental maturation and eruption (14).
The method most frequently used was the graphic method, and many students preferred the method they had studied first.