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Noun1.text file - (computer science) a computer file that contains text (and possibly formatting instructions) using seven-bit ASCII characters
computer science, computing - the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures
web page, webpage - a document connected to the World Wide Web and viewable by anyone connected to the internet who has a web browser
computer file - (computer science) a file maintained in computer-readable form
ASCII text file - a text file that contains only ASCII characters without special formatting
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Virage MediaBin also includes a new lightweight, browser-based graphics file editor that enables marketers to edit, resize, crop and adjust brightness and color of logos and other images directly on a Web page.
XPS refers to the new graphics file type produced with Windows VistaT.
Other award-winning software includes Deep Exploration, a 2D|3D graphics file management and conversion utility, Deep Paint 3D for 3D painting and texturing and Deep UV for advanced UV mapping.
Unisys Corp has changed the licensing terms to its key graphics compression technology that is used on the GIF graphics file compression format.
But first it is necessary to create the graphics file itself.
An increasing number of graphics file formats (TIF, DIB, PCX, and BMP, to name four) can be imported to the labels.
Users can view the contents of a graphics file as well as navigate to other 3-D worlds or HTML pages using VRML.
To modify a graphics file or edit certain areas of a picture, you need a paint program, which will allow you to work either on whole sections of a graphic or individual pixels.
* Determine which graphics file format best meets your needs
This brings up a browse button that lets me select any graphics file or even a Word document and insert it into that button.
Nico's Commander version 5 adds a viewer for a number of popular graphics file formats, support for a number of archive types, proxy and firewall support for its FTP client, configurable function keys, and a system tray icon to reach your Control Panel applets with one mouse click.