Grass of Parnassus

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a plant of the genus Parnassia growing in wet ground. The European species is Parnassia palustris; in the United States there are several species.
(Bot.) See under Grass, and Parnassia.

See also: Grass, Parnassus

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Plants found on the moor include bogbean, butterwort, limestone bedstraw, grass of Parnassus, and bog species such as cranberry, sphagnum mosses and round-leaved sundew.
I mi, un o'r golygfeydd harddaf oedd gweld brial y gors (Parnassia palustris; Grass of Parnassus).
The beach is backed by Marram grass and hosts an illustrious range of wildflowers, including grass of Parnassus and early purple orchid.
Grass of Parnassus Credit: Martin Allen Steep coastal slopes with grass of Parnassus Credit: Martin Allen