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n.1.The state of abounding with grass; a grassy state.
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Steely and dry, this Sauvignon delivers succulent tangerine, lime, and grapefruit aromas and flavors, plus subtle grassiness, and vibrant acidity.
It has zippy pink grapefruit and gooseberry fruit with sharp, lime centred acidity and hints of green pepper edged grassiness to support its contrasting white peach depth.
Incredibly smooth and creamy, Black Cow Vodka (PS28, 70cl, Sainsbury's) is made from the whey (the curd is turned into cheese) and it really is a dairy delight with vanilla bean on the nose, a sweet vanilla palate with a flick of grassiness, and twist of pepper on the finish.
Graham has been personally involved in blending this latest release, which he describes as "easy drinking with all the grassiness and zest you expect from a New World sauvignon blanc, but I like to think it has a bit of an Old World finish.
Fresh citrus and a hint of grassiness leap from the glass and onto your palate.
It has the grapefruity grassiness aromas of a sauv blanc, with an underlying sweetness on the nose; and to taste, a fresh acidic zing but the citrus flavours disappear quite quickly.
I used this to add floral notes to the aroma, further muting grassiness.
Good weight and texture contribute to the attractive grassiness and minerality.
The first thing I get is this very rustic nuttiness, this umami nuttiness, then the grassiness.
Notes of sweet citrus, spice and hint of grassiness all add to the enchanting fragrance.
The diet consisted of grassiness (35%), maize stalk silage (35%), and concentrate (30%) made from maize (45%), soybean pomace (20%), wheat bran (15%), cottonseed meal (10%), by-products such as brewers dried grain (5 kg per cow per day), and salt and mineral elements (10%).
In the mouth, pear notes come through initially with a backdrop of fresh grassiness.