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 (grät′n, grăt′n, gră-tăN′)
1. A top crust consisting of bread crumbs or grated cheese mixed with butter and browned in the oven.
2. A dish topped with such a crust: "I find gratins so easy that I probably make them more than any other dish" (Martha Rose Shulman).

[French, from obsolete grater, to scratch, scrape, from Old French; see grate1.]


(French ɡratɛ̃)
(Cookery) See au gratin


(ˈgræt n, ˈgrɑt-; Fr. graˈtɛ̃)

1. the crust formed on food cooked au gratin.
2. a dish cooked au gratin: potato gratin.
[1800–10; < French; see grate2, -ine3]


[ˈgrætæn] ngratin m
References in classic literature ?
Eggs a la tripe, au gratin, a l'Aurore, a la Dauphine, a la Poulette, a la Tartare, a la Venitienne, a la Bordelaise
Ah, Monsieur du Ronceret, I've cooked the cauliflowers au gratin expressly for you, for mademoiselle knows how you like them; and she said to me: 'Now don't forget, Mariette, for Monsieur du Ronceret is coming.
Aviko's new Mini Gratins with Parsnip & Jerusalem Artichoke and Mini Gratins with Asparagus & Parmesan have been awarded with an endorsement from the Craft Guild of Chefs--a testament to the consistently high quality they offer.
Aviko is continuing to serve up innovative new products for caterers with the launch of its Mini Gratins with Parsnip & Jerusalem Artichoke helping to add a real point of difference to the festive dining occasion.
Little pockets of fat sitting atop a gratin are not a pretty or appetizing sight, so this is a good method to employ for all gratins.
SEAFOOD GRATIN Use frozen seafood cocktail to make these tasty gratins.
Lionza has a wide variety of uses, from salads and pastas to egg dishes, sauces and gratins.
A sort of memo on the front of the package tells consumers what ingredients to add: 100 grams of cheese for the two gratins, 150 grams of turkey breast for the wok-mix.
Waxy ones such as new Jerseys are good for salads and gratins, while floury (King Edwards or Maris Pipers) are best for baking, roasting and mashing.
Most gratins use potatoes (and always choose starchy, or baking potatoes for gratins, as they will absorb the sauce), but you shouldn't stop there.
Serve hot gratins plain or with justifiable scoops of nonfat frozen yogurt.