Gray duck

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(Zool.) the gadwall; also applied to the female mallard.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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This place has both the strange (UO rawhide dog treats) and the familiar (gray Duck T-shirts); the cool (retro Oregon can holders) and the mundane (Oregon window stickers).
"Gray goose down, gray duck down and synthetic down fills are helping manufacturers and retailers adjust their offerings in the wake of high white goose down costs," said Matt Moses, vice president of marketing for basics and down comforters at Pillowtex Corp.
As I looked back at the dirt mound where I stood while shooting, I realized I had just bagged my dream gray duck from a distance of 80 yards.
Identify this duck: Otherwise known as the gray duck, this fairly large duck features a rectangular white patch on its wing speculum.
The nature park is home to gray ducks, teal-whistle, teal-cracker, shirokonoski, the most common red-headed and crested dives.
Swapping back and forth between Noble's sled--hidden some 300 yards away in a tall clump of phragmities (invasive common reeds, now taking over large portions of the refuge wetlands)--and Smith's extraordinarily comfortable Apparition, I whittled away at my seven-bird daily bag over the course of the lunch hour and beyond as gray ducks, mallards, sprigs, shovelers, redheads, green-winged teal, and wigeon buzzed the decoys.
All the white and brown and gray ducks flapped and flapped their wings.
Normally, gray ducks respond best to a lower-pitched series of quacks, almost impossible to duplicate with a Faulk's single-reed.
I only heard the Boyds refer to these birds as gadwalls, but in some areas, especially around Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee, they are most often referred to as "gray ducks." While a gadwall might not have the sheen of a greenhead in full plumage, they are handsome nonetheless.
All of our guns barked in an instant, and three handsome gray ducks stayed behind.