Gray shark

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the sand shark.

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They concluded a gray shark they studied, which recently died, was born some 400 years ago in icy Arctic waters.
Sharjah Aquarium has bred three kinds of sharks -- black-tip shark, the gray shark and the white-tip shark.
The black tip and gray sharks have to keep on swimming and moving in order to breathe.
In a few minutes, this immense gray shark came up, looking at us with eyeballs big as cantaloupes.
The ministry, he added, has set standards for the sustainability of C this vital resource and taken into account the achievement of several objectives, including restricting fishing of small shark in breeding areas to prevent over-fishing and the collapse of the stock, as well as decline in fishing of the reef gray shark because of its importance to the tourism C industry.
MERIDA, Mexico -- Jeremiah Tower plunged through the seafood aisles of this city's central covered market, wrinkling his nose at a pile of limp gray sharks before his gaze landed on a pair of plump and glistening freshly caught octopus.
In addition, because of difficulties in distinguishing some of the species of the genus Carcharhinus, for the purposes of this study, these were grouped under the category of "gray sharks," with the exception of C.
This increase in CPUE may be attributed to the significant increase in catches of gray sharks in subarea I and the effects on total catches of sharks, since their mean CPUE was 9 times lower in subarea II and almost zero in subarea III (Fig.
Table 4.--Summaries of F ratios from analysis of variance to determine effects on CPUE due to different areas for total tunas, sharks, billfishes, and other fish combined between 1983 and 1997 and for blue and gray sharks between 1987 and 1997.
Conversely, the CPUE of gray sharks did show an effect due to seamounts and was significantly greater (difference between means of up to 95%) at those seamounts that had relatively deep summits (e.g.
In Polynesia, divers are forced into a narrow channel with hundreds of the gray sharks. But other sensational turning-points are treated with less imagination and immediacy.