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Adj.1.gray-green - of green tinged with grey
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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His brother seated himself under a bush, arranging his tackle, while Levin led the horse away, fastened him up, and walked into the vast gray-green sea of grass unstirred by the wind.
Never had the old gray-green house among its enfolding orchards known a blither, merrier afternoon.
If anybody had noticed Tom's face at that time, the gray-green color of it might have provoked curiosity; but nobody did.
My garden is surrounded by cornfields and meadows, and beyond are great stretches of sandy heath and pine forests, and where the forests leave off the bare heath begins again; but the forests are beautiful in their lofty, pink-stemmed vastness, far overhead the crowns of softest gray-green, and underfoot a bright green wortleberry carpet, and everywhere the breathless silence; and the bare heaths are beautiful too, for one can see across them into eternity almost, and to go out on to them with one's face towards the setting sun is like going into the very presence of God.
Her gray-green eyes were bright, her cheeks delicately flushed.
Rain dimples the gray-green water, gray clumps of slush run into the
100 Eleventh AvenueFrom the February issue: Outside, a late-January snowstorm has left a delicate frosting on the shimmering gray-green jumble of steel and glass that is 100 Eleventh Avenue, making the newly constructed condo tower all the more eye-catching in the flat winter light.
In a static state, the coating projects a light gray-green tint that matches plants, sand and the surrounding desert landscape.
At the International Home & Housewares Show last month, Vornado introduced its updated VornadoFan, even replicating the original gray-green color.
The same granite is used to create a plaza and extend it outwards to the curb, while above, the building's supporting columns have the effect of "floating" the curtainwall of gray-green glass, aluminum spandrels and polished aluminum mullions.
Fragile and ephemeral but punctuated with menacingly sexualized gothic imagery, Spider could have borrowed its yellow-brown and gray-green palette from Lucian Freud, while its hermetic mise-enscone and elliptical editing style are comparable to Bresson's.