Spanish Armada

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Spanish Armada

(Historical Terms) the great fleet sent by Philip II of Spain against England in 1588: defeated in the Channel by the English fleets and almost completely destroyed by storms off the Hebrides. Also called: the Armada
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(ɑrˈmɑ də, -ˈmeɪ-)

n., pl. -das.
1. Also called Spanish Armada. the fleet sent against England by Philip II of Spain in 1588, defeated by the English navy.
2. (l.c.) any fleet of warships.
3. (l.c.) a large group or force of vehicles, airplanes, etc.: an armada of transport trucks.
[1525–35; < Sp < Vulgar Latin *armāta; see army]
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Noun1.Spanish Armada - the great fleet sent from Spain against England by Philip II in 1588Spanish Armada - the great fleet sent from Spain against England by Philip II in 1588
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He was Europe's most powerful monarch and ruled over an empire upon which the sun never ser, but the dramatic victories in his name (Battle of Lepanto, New World conquests) were matched by grand failures (Dutch Rebellion, Great Armada).
Additional revenue opportunities with this facility include the capability to broker and export bulk high-grade tobacco as well as the manufacturing of private label premium luxury cigars that would bear the Cathay brand name "1421" in honored of China's great armada lead by Admiral Zheng He, the year China discovered America.