Great Basin National Park

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Great′ Ba′sin Na′tional Park′

a national park in E Nevada: site of Lehman Caves. 120 sq. mi. (312 sq. km).
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The lighting-ignited fire in 2016 burned nearly 4,660 acres, mostly within Great Basin National Park.
Spotlights include the Great Basin National Park of Nevada; the Nevada Northern Railway National Historic Landmark, a museum that invites visitors to take a walking tour through old railroad buildings, and observe living, breathing locomotives from the 19th century; and the Nevada Northern Railway, one of the most complete rail facilities still in existence.
But on November 2014 that is exactly what happened to a group of archeologists from the Great Basin National Park, a remote and scenic wilderness sandwiched between the Sierra Nevada and Wasatch mountains in Nevada.
An archaeological survey in Great Basin National Park, eastern Nevada stumbled upon a 132-year-old Winchester rifle propped against a tree.
Researchers recently discovered a new species in Great Basin National Park.
It was unknown at the time that the tree cut down for research in the Great Basin National Park in Nevada was the oldest known specimen.
The next planned stop was Great Basin National Park, on Nevada's eastern border, two states and 10 hours away.
These photos can quantify, for example, the light shining on Nevada's Great Basin National Park (top photo this page).

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