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Noun1.Sherlock Holmes - a fictitious detective in stories by A. Conan DoyleSherlock Holmes - a fictitious detective in stories by A. Conan Doyle
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The yellow omnibus crawled up the northern roads for what seemed like hours on end; the great detective would not explain further, and perhaps his assistants felt a silent and growing doubt of his errand.
It was a sight to see Cecil Barker's expressive face during this exposition of the great detective.
One told him, "Harry Potter made me feel brave", another said, "I want to be a great detective like Sherlock Holmes when I'm better
Lyle has done, albeit the great detective here only playing a minor cameo role, offstage, as it was.
He acquires the help of the great detective Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Dr Watson to find out the truth behind the spectre.
125th anniversary, let us examine the Arthur Conan Doyle had been publishing stories about his great detective magazines for five years, but was his first book.
As well as a successful author, he is also, by coincidence, an authority on that other Great Detective, Sherlock Holmes.
From baffling whodunnits to action-packed thrillers, nothing beats a great detective show.
Nothing beats a great detective show, and the Drama channel has the best.
Their topics include the detective is suspended: Nordic noir and the welfare state, covering crime fiction: merging the local into cosmopolitan mediascapes, in Agatha Christie's footsteps: The Cursed Goblet and contemporary Bulgarian crime fiction, Holmes away from home: the great detective in the transnational literary network, and Boris Akunin's dandiacal detectives: a century in queer profiles from London to Moscow.
Voight believes Kenny can become a great detective.