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also Great Al·föld  (ôl′fəld)
An extensive plain of central Hungary extending into eastern Croatia, northern Serbia, and western Romania. The Little Alföld lies in northwest Hungary and southwest Slovakia.
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Outside Budapest we were taken by traditional horse-drawn carriage to a ranch on the puszta, a steppe on Europe's largest grassland, the Great Hungarian Plain, for a riding display by herdsmen and a glass of local apricot schnapps, barack palinka.
Expert horsemanship is on display on our excursion from Kalocsa on the Great Hungarian Plain, where hardy horse herders with a penchant for activities involving physical risk practise the skills of their Magyar ancestors.
The Russians were ready to meet the Habsburg forces in the Carpathians and General Nikolai Ivanov, the commander of the front, had plans for an offensive that would use the Carpathian mountain passes to break out towards the Great Hungarian Plain and capture Budapest, thus forcing his opponent to drop out of the war.
Winter's grey clouds have finally retreated eastwards across the Great Hungarian Plain, leaving the Danube sparkling in the sun as it slides under the city's Chain Bridge.
Fowling in Lowlands: Neolithic and Chalcolithic bird exploitation in South-East Romania and the Great Hungarian Plain (Archaeolingua Series Minor 24).
Siegendorf is a small village in Burgenland about forty miles south of Vienna where the great Hungarian plain rises up to meet the foothills of the Alps.