Great Mother

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Noun1.Great Mother - great nature goddess of ancient Phrygia in Asia MinorGreat Mother - great nature goddess of ancient Phrygia in Asia Minor; counterpart of Greek Rhea and Roman Ops
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The improvement of the ground, is the most natural obtaining of riches; for it is our great mother's blessing, the earth's; but it is slow.
All about the pit, and saved as by a miracle from ever- lasting destruction, stretched the great Mother of Cities.
After I, Mopo, had stood before the king, and he had given me new wives and fat cattle and a kraal to dwell in, the bones of Unandi, the Great Mother Elephant, Mother of the Heavens, were gathered together from the ashes of my huts, and because all could not be found, some of the bones of my wives were collected also to make up the number.
Now it was that Momaya reasoned shrewdly that if any might know the whereabouts of her Tibo, it would be Bukawai, who was in friendly intercourse with gods and demons, since a demon or a god it was who had stolen her baby; but even her great mother love was sorely taxed to find the courage to send her forth into the black jungle toward the distant hills and the uncanny abode of Bukawai, the unclean, and his devils.
Already our hearts yearn and our spirits fly towards the great mother city which holds so much that is dear to us.
I said, 'Now, my good man, however our business capacities may vary, we are all children of one great mother, Nature.
And over all the sun shone huge and round and red, a monster sun above a monstrous world, its light dispersed by the humid air of Caspak--the warm, moist air which lies sluggish upon the breast of this great mother of life, Nature's mightiest incubator.
The Earth was form'd, but in the Womb as yet Of Waters, Embryon immature involv'd, Appeer'd not: over all the face of Earth Main Ocean flow'd, not idle, but with warme Prolific humour soft'ning all her Globe, Fermented the great Mother to conceave, Satiate with genial moisture, when God said Be gather'd now ye Waters under Heav'n Into one place, and let dry Land appeer.
"Lena is a great mother and so far she hasn't let go of her newborn.
She said that government had nominated Aseefa Bhutto Zardari, as Pakistans Ambassador for Polio Eradication, to carry forward the mission of her great mother. The speaker said that the aim of the government was to make Pakistan completely polio free where no child lives in the fear of being crippled for life.
"Oksana is a good mother and she'll make a great mother to Mel's child.
SIR Bob Geldof has paid an emotional tribute to his tragic ex-wife Paula Yates describing her as a "great mother".