Great cattle

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(Law) all manner of cattle except sheep and yearlings.

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The discussion of the Great Cattle Die-Up of 1886 and 1887, which Lause connects with Theodore Roosevelt and the elite ranchers in Montana, had a promising start to explain the difficulties cowhands faced, although more detail on the declining cattle industry's effect on cattle hands overall would have been welcome.
They speak a dialect of Punjabi akin to Seraiki and are great cattle breeders.
A sculpture commemorating the great cattle drives of the 1860s has been created by world-renown Missouri artist Clay Gant.
Australia also produces great cattle, so I like to test out Australian meat to ensure that we are constantly inspecting other markets and making sure we have the best of the best.
The great cattle drives lasted barely two decades, and less than a decade on the Chisholm Trail, but they remain central to Western lore.
The minister said that the great cattle livestock in Kotayk has grown by 9.6%, and the small cattle livestock - by 8%.
During this time, he was working closely with the great cattle baron of southwest Texas> Richard King.
Anyone who has attended the great cattle market conferences in the USA, or given seminars in Europe to large groups of postgraduates, all seemingly working on the same few decades of say, the seventeenth century, will hardly need telling this, or of the advantages that accrue from such concentrations of expertise.
One-fourth to one-third of all cowboys on the great cattle drives of the 1800s were African American.