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 (grĕk′ō), El Originally Doménikos Theotokópoulos. 1541-1614.
Greek-born Spanish painter of religious works, such as Assumption (1577) and Christ Stripped of His Garments (1579), characterized by elongated human figures, contrasting colors, and deep shadows.


(Biography) El. See El Greco


(ˈgrɛk oʊ, ˈgreɪ koʊ)

El (el), El Greco.


a combining form representing Greek: Greco-Roman.
Also, esp. Brit., Graeco-.
[< Latin Graec(us) Greek + -o-]
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Noun1.Greco - Spanish painter (born in Greece) remembered for his religious works characterized by elongated human forms and dramatic use of color (1541-1614)Greco - Spanish painter (born in Greece) remembered for his religious works characterized by elongated human forms and dramatic use of color (1541-1614)
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He stayed there three months, and he was returned with a name new to the young men: he had wonderful things to say of a painter called El Greco, who it appeared could only be studied in Toledo.
Correctness is all very well: El Greco made his people eight feet high because he wanted to express something he couldn't get any other way.
Damn El Greco," said Lawson, "what's the good of jawing about a man when we haven't a chance of seeing any of his work?
It's when I saw the Grecos that I felt one could get something more out of portraits than we knew before.
I suppose Velasquez was a better painter than El Greco, but custom stales one's admiration for him: the Cretan, sensual and tragic, proffers the mystery of his soul like a standing sacrifice.
Rapid currents bearing all these gases in diffusion and torrents of lava slid to the bottom of the mountain like an eruption of Vesuvius on another Terra del Greco.
Her weather-tanned complexion, already affected by her confined life, took on an extraordinary clayey aspect which reminded me of a strange head painted by El Greco which my friend Prax had hung on one of his walls and used to rail at; yet not without a certain respect.
Hobnail, the reformer; and Reverend Jul Bat, who has converted the whole torrid zone in his Sunday school; and Signor Torre del Greco, who extinguished Vesuvius by pouring into it the Bay of Naples; Spahi, the Persian ambassador; and Tul Wil Shan, the exiled nabob of Nepaul, whose saddle is the new moon.
He worked at Yellow Pages Integrated Media Association from 2000 to '03, He then cofounded Greco Enterprises, a holding company with a marketing services firm and a real estate and management firm.
He may have been used to such muddled grandeur in Rome, where he lodged for two years in the garrets of the palace belonging to Cardinal Alessandro Farnese, the patron for whom Titian twenty-five years earlier, in 1545, had painted his first Danae, giving her the features of the Cardinal's mistress, El Greco, to pay for the profusion which contrasts so pointedly with the severity of his art, exacted high prices, sometimes through litigation, for his pictures.
While a simple concept, letting kids invent what they want has revolutionized the way the company operates, from marketing to sales to the factory floor, says Greco.
Greco, who divides her time between Sarasota and Maryland, has authored many books and hundreds of articles on cooking and decorating.