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Noun1.War of Greek Independence - the Greeks rebelled against Turkish rule in 1821War of Greek Independence - the Greeks rebelled against Turkish rule in 1821; with the support of England and France and Russia they won independence in 1828 at Navarino (although the country included only half its present size)
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The Armenian diaspora did it a couple of years ago with The Promise , a film re-enacting the Armenian genocide of 1915 -- and now the Greek-American diaspora (led by writer-producer Marianne Metropoulos, wife of billionaire Dean Metropoulos) does it for the Greek war of independence that began in 1821.
In a further affront to Athens, the alleged incident occurred during Monday's celebrations of the start of the Greek war of independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1821.Tsipras on Monday said his Chinook helicopter had been "forced into low-altitude manoeuvres" by Turkish warplanes "who violated our national airspace" before they were intercepted by Greek jets.Tsipras had flown to the small island of Agathonissi, just off the Turkish coast, to mark the occasion.
They describe how his activities, but also his death, contributed to the Greek War of Independence and the decline of the Ottoman Empire.
including The Greek War of Independence, the Thirty Days' War, the
However, Muller was also a highly-committed philhellene and, during the Greek War of Independence, he supported the Greek cause against the Ottomans with a plethora of poetry and prose works--most notably his Lieder der Griechen (1821-1824)--as well as with his purse.
Since the Greek War of Independence in the early 19th century, Greece has undergone a number of turbulent developments.
The nationalist uprisings that began with the Greek War of Independence in 1821 as well as the diplomatic problems of the Ottoman state -- which were really reflections of ongoing domestic problems -- were all then gathered under the heading of "Eastern Questions." After the Ottoman troops of Egyptian Governor Mehmet Ali were defeated for the first time, this particular Eastern Question came to an end with the splintering of land at the end of World War I.
The Greek War of Independence: The Struggle for Freedom from Ottoman Oppression.
The next is built around the Greek War of Independence (1821-30), necessarily more a Greek than an Athenian story, but continues into the next several decades, during which Athens became the capital of the independent country of Greece, and host to a Bavarian noble family as the new monarchy of a new country.
An interactive play-withina-play starring Zoe's daughter Irina as Bouboulina - heroine of the 1821 Greek War of Independence - arouses much laughter as the audience are handed-out roles.
The Greek Collection has over 260 works of art, spanning from the aftermath of the Greek War of Independence in 1821 to about 1970.
Children's literature first appeared in Greece as early as the nineteenth century after the Greek War of Independence (1827).