Greek architecture

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Noun1.Greek architecture - the architecture of ancient GreeceGreek architecture - the architecture of ancient Greece  
classical architecture, Greco-Roman architecture - architecture influenced by the ancient Greeks or Romans
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'The remains of the forge show signs of north-south construction typical of Greek architecture,' Prof Rahim said while explaining how archaeologists concluded that the Hayatabad site belonged to the Indo-Greek period.
Augusto Villalon, architect and heritage conservation advocate, was quoted in an Inquirer report as saying, that what the book tries to say in plain English is that Mapua took classical Greek architecture influences and simplified them to fit the modern lifestyle and building technology of 1920s Manila.
Gazing at the Parthenon, constructed around 447 BC, immediately brought back memories of lectures in UP humanities classes about the different orders of classical Greek architecture. It also intrigued us how the men of antiquity possessed the brains and brawn to build such structures, given the knowledge of engineering, equipment, tools and materials available then.
Drawing from Greek architecture and the golden ratio -- which fosters organic and natural looking compositions, the German creative re-defined antiquity from his perspective: beauty, culture and modernity.
Akin to its 2008 predecessor, the movie is set on the island of Kalokairi, which has exquisite scenery -- having been filmed in Croatia -- giving the film its vintage ambience: paling buildings in ruins, reminiscent of ancient Greek architecture, while still employing a modern aesthetic.
These colorful works by fifth-graders combined knowledge of and inspiration from ancient Greek architecture. The students invented their own columns using contemporary media: iPads and digital art applications.
She explained in a released statement from the Ministry of Antiquities that the gymnasium was a private place established by rich people who wanted their villages to feature Greek architecture. She added that the upper class of that community at the time who spoke Greek were trained in sports and engaged in philosophical discussions in the gymnasium.
4 Doric, Ionian and what else make up the three orders of Greek architecture? 5 American Made is a film about a pilot working for the CIA in the 1980s.
6 Weeks: By now, your baby should be smiling regularly and beginning to understand simple calculus while starting to develop an appreciation of Ancient Greek architecture.
The detailed molds remind us of the influence of Greek architecture.
Scotland suggested to Elgin that plaster models of Greek architecture
Regular concerts are staged in the 5,000-seat amphitheatre, which blends elements of ancient Greek architecture with Islamic design, while international performers frequently perform at the Katara Opera House.

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