pitta bread

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pitta bread

(ˈpɪtə) or


(Cookery) a flat rounded slightly leavened bread, originally from the Middle East, with a hollow inside like a pocket, which can be filled with food. Also called: Arab bread or Greek bread
[from Modern Greek: a cake]
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Spread melted gorgonzola and sliced pear on to toasted Greek bread.
The waiter places a metal saucer on the table--two slices of Greek bread
"Easter Breads," with Kim Davaz, features Hot Cross Buns; Colomba di Pasqua (Italian dove-shaped bread); Kulich (Russian cylindrical loaf with fruited cream cheese spread); and Tsoureki (braided Greek bread).
Oropos compares favorably to most of the Greek bread wheat varieties, like 'Aheloos', 'Dodoni', 'Louros', 'Melia', and 'Strymonas', including the three national checks Vergina, Yecora-S, and 'Dio'.
We decided on a range of dips with warm Greek bread as well as vine leaves,garlic mushrooms and a Greek salad.
EXPERIMENT WITH WHOLE seeds in these easy recipes for Greek bread, Indian fish, and Mexican chicken.
I went there most Saturdays of the 11 years I lived in Manhattan to buy the wonderful Greek bread at a buck a loaf, to get seafood so fresh the gills were still moving and fabulous mozzarella cheese that tasted like it was made in Italy that morning.
The Balkan Bakery stall will offer Turkish coffee, Bulgarian banitsa, and Greek breads and cookies.
"My dad taught me how to make Greek breads, like psomi."

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