Greek calendar

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1.Any of various calendars used by the ancient Greek states.
2.The Julian calendar, used in the Greek Church.
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In the Roman calendar, the Calends were the first days of the month - the Greek calendar had no Calends.
This is only a rough guide, since the mechanics of the Greek calendar mean the year-to-year correlation is somewhat more complex.
Given that the Greek year started at or after the summer solstice and Delphinus rose around the winter solstice (for 750 BC it rose around the days equivalent to December 27-30), it should be expected to rise around month 6, suggesting that events dedicated to Apollo Delphinios would occur in month 7 of the Greek calendar.
A COMMUNITY in Coventry yesterday celebrated New Year - according to the Greek calendar.
Greco-Catholic Ukrainians follow the Greek calendar, which is two weeks after the Julian calendar, used by the Western world.
This largest of all the Greek islands celebrates the most important religious festival in the Greek calendar in a big way with processions, fireworks and street parties.
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