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A city of north-central Colorado north-northeast of Denver. It was founded in 1870 as a cooperative farm and temperance center and named for its patron, Horace Greeley.


(Biography) Horace. 1811–72, US journalist and political leader: founder (1841) and editor of the New York Tribune, which championed the abolition of slavery


(ˈgri li)

1. Horace, 1811–72, U.S. journalist, editor, and political leader.
2. a city in N Colorado. 57,430.
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Noun1.Greeley - United States journalist with political ambitions (1811-1872)Greeley - United States journalist with political ambitions (1811-1872)
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It was two hours before a snake could get below Greeley's statue."
"Reminds me of one of the survivors of Lieutenant Greeley's Expedition I used to know," he agreed.
He worked with Greeley and the medical staff leadership on various projects.
Local Colorado newspaper the Greeley Tribune recently reported that the Evans City Council approved last week the rezoning of 222 acres of land from agricultural to medium industrial for the construction of an $84-million, 56-million-gallon ethanol plant.
Greeley's ditch maintenance program includes upkeep of the historical Union Colony No.
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The Greeley Company is a health care consulting and educational services firm.
Mitti Liebersohn, Tara Stacom, Matthew Astrachan, Joseph Fabrizi, Paul Amrich, Harry Greeley, and Robert Giglio represented the landlord in the transaction.
This pattern may have been generated by helical flows of water that swept sediment away from the center of a rushing stream and deposited it on either side, notes Ronald Greeley of Arizona State University in Tempe.
Greeley and Hansen, a global civil and environmental engineering, architectural, and management consulting company, has named Robert F Henry as its new managing director of the Southwest Operating Group.
Greeley, CO, May 10, 2019 --(