Green linnet

(Zool.) the greenfinch.
(Zool.) the European green finch.

See also: Green, Linnet

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The Green Linnet: Napoleonic Songs from the French Wars to the Present Day
In 2001, he signed with Green Linnet records and released his first album: "Bridgetown."
WE LOVE MUSIC 1 THE GREEN LINNET REMEMBERED RTE ONE, 7.30pm WHEN Barney McKenna passed away a couple of weeks ago, the world lost a great musician.
The five-piece has received praise for their five CDs to date and MOJO magazine called the 2002 CD Merry Sisters Of Fate (Green Linnet Records) "a wondrously fiery CD" while the Irish Times said "This is as good as it gets!" Box office number is (0191) 222 0398 and tickets are also available from JG Windows in Newcastle's Central Arcade, (0191) 232 1356.
Lovers of Celtic music both traditional and modern--and from countries and cultures both within and without the boundaries of the British Isles--will be familiar with the Green Linnet label, which was founded in Connecticut in 1976 and has since maintained an impressive program of original releases and licensed imports.
Hayes signed up with US folk specialist label Green Linnet, releasing his debut solo disc in 1993, followed by Under The Moon in 1995.
On his LP The Green Linnet (1972) Tim's voice is certainly a touch rounder, but the swirls of long lines are flourished in much the same manner on both recordings.
DUBLINER Barney McKenna and accordion player Tony McMahon patched up their differences to relaunch their 1975 RTE series The Green Linnet.
Irish button accordionist and Green Linnet recording artist Johnny B.
The instrumental quartet's first album was independently released, after which they were snapped up by US label Green Linnet. The A&R team heard Lunasa's debut, then saw them play several sell-out east coast gigs.
Such a repertory and such creativity produced no fewer than eight solo albums published by Folk Legacy, Green Linnet, Folktrax and Topic, two others with members of his family, and tracks on numerous compilations, chief among them the Caedmon/Topic Folksongs of Britain.