Granny Smith

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Gran·ny Smith

A variety of apple having fruit with green skin and tart, tough flesh.

[After Maria Ann Smith (died 1870), Australian woman to whom its development is attributed.]

Granny Smith

(Plants) a variety of hard green-skinned apple eaten raw or cooked
[C19: named after Maria Ann Smith, known as Granny Smith (died 1870), who first produced them at Eastwood, Sydney]

Gran′ny Smith′

n., pl. Granny Smiths.
a variety of green-skinned apple.
[after Maria Ann Smith (d. 1870), who allegedly developed the variety near Sydney, Australia]
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Noun1.Granny Smith - apple with a green skin and hard tart fleshGranny Smith - apple with a green skin and hard tart flesh
dessert apple, eating apple - an apple used primarily for eating raw without cooking
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Being a microcosm himself, he discovers -- and it is a true discovery, and he is the man to make it -- that the world has been eating green apples; to his eyes, in fact, the globe itself is a great green apple, which there is danger awful to think of that the children of men will nibble before it is ripe; and straightway his drastic philanthropy seeks out the Esquimau and the Patagonian, and embraces the populous Indian and Chinese villages; and thus, by a few years of philanthropic activity, the powers in the meanwhile using him for their own ends, no doubt, he cures himself of his dyspepsia, the globe acquires a faint blush on one or both of its cheeks, as if it were beginning to be ripe, and life loses its crudity and is once more sweet and wholesome to live.
An enterprising sweet-stuff dealer in the Chobham Road had sent up his son with a barrow-load of green apples and ginger beer.
She's cranky an' she's sour; I should think she'd ben nussed on bonny-clabber an' green apples.
Their idea of a square meal is a pound and a half of roast beef with five or six good-sized potatoes (soapy ones preferred as being more substantial), plenty of greens, and four thick slices of Yorkshire pudding, followed by a couple of currant dumplings, a few green apples, a pen'orth of nuts, half a dozen jumbles, and a bottle of ginger-beer.
Still, there was great uncertainty which of these vocations the youth was best endowed to fill; but, having no other employment, the stripling was constantly lounging about the homestead,” munching green apples and hunting for sorrel; when the same sagacious eye that had brought to light his latent talents seized upon this circumstance as a clew to his future path through the turmoils of the world.
The initiative was evaluated thoroughly by Green Apple subject matter experts and was ranked by judges as the third best environmental best practice implemented in 2017.
Already, Green Apple Nursery has built up the reputation for excellent childcare at its Hamilton establishment and is now set to do the same for Airdrie and Carluke tots.
Here, it gives its own almond, melon rind and olive based twist to a conventional Bordeaux white blend, yet still preserves that classic textured lime and green apple core, even embellishing it with aromatic hints of peach.
The preserve calls for Granny Smith apple, a crisp, tart green apple that's on the sour side, but is available all year round in most supermarkets.
A statement said the Green Apple Awards - one of the world's foremost environment award campaigns - recognise, reward and promote environmental best practices around the world.
The Green Apple Environment Awards - one of the world's foremost environment award campaigns - recognises, rewards and promotes environmental best practices around the world.
Now the three-year self-fi-nancing plan has seen the shopping centre management team invited to London's Westminster Palace, to be handed their Green Apple Award.