Green brier

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(Bot.) a thorny climbing shrub (Emilaz rotundifolia) having a yellowish green stem and thick leaves, with small clusters of flowers, common in the United States; - called also cat brier.

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Constellation's powerhouse portfolio of spirits brands include SVEDKA Vodka, the #1 imported vodka in the U.S.; High West Whiskey, Casa Noble Tequila, Mi CAMPO Tequila, and Nelson's Green Brier. Constellation's ventures capital group has made minority investments in higher-end, distinctive spirits brands such as Austin Cocktails, Bardstown Bourbon Company, El Silencio, The Real McCoy, and its most recent investment in Montanya Distillers.
Constellation Brands announced it acquired a majority stake in Nelson's Green Brier Distillery, marking Constellation's first ventures investment to be fully integrated into the business.
Staying on the spirits, visit Nelson's Green Brier whiskey distillery on a daytime tour.