Green con

(Zool.) the pollock.

See also: Green

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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CON MAJ: 22,621 CHINGFORD & W'FORD GREEN CON HOLD Iain Duncan Smith (Con) ..................................
Composed of ANG NARS Party-List, Greenpeace, Ecowaste Coalition, Mother Earth Foundation, Green Con vergence, Ban Toxics, Public Services Labor Independent Confederation and the Ateneo School of Government, the groups expressed their dismay at the inaction by the Canadian government and demanded that the shipment firm Chronic Incorporated, and its Philippine consignee Chronic Plastics, return the hazardous shipment back to Canada at their expense.
However, a Labour spokesman said: "This is a green con. At the same time as saying they will cut the deficit, the Tories are making yet more unfunded commitments with no idea how they would find the billions their proposals would cost."
World leaders must not play along with this green con trick and continue to press him to ratify Kyoto.'
How much genuine concern lay behind Eastern Electricity's call for us to use more rather than less electricity to combat global warming (a suggestion for which they were awarded the |Friends of the Earth Green Con of the Year Award')?
Someone should tell Gordon Brown, perhaps from a distance, that tax changes to corporate donations to charitable causes were not a crowd pleaser at the Acocks Green Con Club.