Green earth

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(Min.) a variety of glauconite, found in cavities in amygdaloid and other eruptive rock, and used as a pigment by artists; - called also mountain green.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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What would the green earth be without its lovely flowers, and what a lonely home for us!
The morning sun looked softly down upon the broad green earth, which like a mighty altar was sending up clouds of perfume from its breast, while flowers danced gayly in the summer wind, and birds sang their morning hymn among the cool green leaves.
Will you possess unfading peace and joy, and the grateful love of all the green earth's fragrant children?
Then, amid a burst of wild, sweet music, the Frost-King placed the Flower crown on his head, and knelt to little Violet; while far and near, over the broad green earth, sounded the voices of flowers, singing their thanks to the gentle Fairy, and the summer wind was laden with perfumes, which they sent as tokens of their gratitude; and wherever she went, old trees bent down to fold their slender branches round her, flowers laid their soft faces against her own, and whispered blessings; even the humble moss bent over the little feet, and kissed them as they passed.
the glory of the sudden burst of light; the freshness of the fields and woods, stretching away on every side, and meeting the bright blue sky; the cattle grazing in the pasturage; the smoke, that, coming from among the trees, seemed to rise upward from the green earth; the children yet at their gambols down below--all, everything, so beautiful and happy!
You might harness Rebecca to the heaviest plough, and while she had youth on her side, she would always remember the green earth under her feet and the blue sky over her head.
they are always with us and always will be while the sad old world keeps echoing to the sob of long good-bys, while the cruel ships sail away across the great seas, and the cold green earth lies heavy on the hearts of those we loved.
And the lovers yearned to behold that green earth again, more intensely, alas!
The circle of the green earth he must measure with his shoes to find the man who can yield him truth.
'SMIU gives importance to green earth, and in this connection, we are going to launch a huge tree plantation drive in collaboration with forest department at SMIU Malir campus of Education City where construction work on 100 acres of land is going on,' he said.
Eichholz has been the Executive Director of Green Earth, a Carbondale-based nonprofit land conservation organization, for 14 years.
In order to promote recycling and reducing load of waste on landfill site, LWMC singed a MoU with Green Earth Recycling.