Green fire

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(Pyrotech.) a composition which burns with a green flame. It consists of sulphur and potassium chlorate, with some salt of barium (usually the nitrate), to which the color of the flame is due.

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I saw that the driving clouds had been pierced as it were by a thread of green fire, suddenly lighting their confusion and falling into the field to my left.
While we still gazed and enjoyed, the ruin was suddenly enveloped in rolling and rumbling volumes of vaporous green fire; then in dazzling purple ones; then a mixture of many colors followed, then drowned the great fabric in its blended splendors.
-- and lit up the green fire! After waiting only forty seconds this time, I spread my arms abroad and thundered out the devastating syllables of this word of words:
"If I wasn't as weak as a brimstone baby, sir," whispers Grandfather Smallweed, drawing the lawyer down to his level by the lapel of his coat and flashing some half-quenched green fire out of his angry eyes, "I'd tear the writing away from him.
The trailer didn't reveal much as it was only a few seconds long, but it did feature the characters of the game with looks of astonishment on their faces, along with mysterious green fire and a darkly lit lake.
As one of Utah's first benefit LLCs, Green Fire HVAC not only educates their clients, but installs cleaner, higher efficiency options for home heating and cooling.
Nautlius also has green fire tetras back in stock for the first time in a while as well as checkerboard cichlids and gueldenstaedtii diamond sturgeon.
The bomb was made out of a green fire extinguisher, with electrical wires and a mobile phone attached to it.
Green fire safety measures include choosing the right materials.
Licensed for public performance, Green Fire: Aldo Leopold And A Land Ethic For Our Time is a Regional Emmy Award-winning documentary about the life and accomplishments of conservationist Aldo Leopold, with particular focus on his contributions to the environmental movement.
Today the volcano sits quiet, but this unique piece of American natural history continues to erupt with gorgeous green fire.
In reflection of this event, on Friday, April 11th, The Grauer School's environmental club and movement called “Green Grauer” will be hosting a screening of the film, A Fierce Green Fire: The Battle for a Living Planet, the first of its kind documentary that looks at big-picture exploration of the environmental movement.