Green fly

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(Zool.) any green species of plant lice or aphids, esp. those that infest greenhouse plants.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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One night he wos took very ill; sends for a doctor; doctor comes in a green fly, with a kind o' Robinson Crusoe set o' steps, as he could let down wen he got out, and pull up arter him wen he got in, to perwent the necessity o' the coachman's gettin' down, and thereby undeceivin' the public by lettin' 'em see that it wos only a livery coat as he'd got on, and not the trousers to match.
Working hard to keep weeds at bay and looking for ways to discourage slugs and green fly from tucking into our beloved plants!!
Roy Western retained his first fish and put six more back when he fished this way with a black and green fly as did Bill Williams when he took one rainbow and returned four.
Over the decades, I have caught scores of fish on black flies, such as the Stoat's Tail, the Black Brahan, the Executioner and the Pearly Executioner, and a green fly I nicknamed The Green Beast.
These vegans become the biggest thing in the lake, reaching 30 pounds and can be enticed by breadballs or flies, including the amur-specific bread fly and green fly. Mark Benson and his pal Louis stealthily stalk them with flies like giant freshwater bonefish, swapping poling duties while scanning for tails of amurs nibbling St.
Choose plants that are compact and not leggy or feel tacky, as they can be infested with green fly -- yes they are still around!
A log kept by neighbor Edward Caves, who has since passed away, reported horse parts along the road, green fly infestations in his home and frequently noted, "Had odors for breakfast."