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also Se·mil·lon  (sā′mēl-yôN)
1. A variety of grape originally grown in France that is often blended with other grapes to make white wine, including the French Sauternes.
2. An often dry white wine made from this grape.

[French, from obsolete sémilion, from dialectal semilhoun, from Old Provençal semilhar, to sow, from seme, seed, from Latin sēmen; see semen.]
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(ˈseɪmiːjɒn; French semijɔ̃)
1. (Brewing) (also without capital) a white grape grown in the Bordeaux area of France and in Australia, used for making wine
2. (Brewing) any of various white wines made from this grape
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The result: the seedless sweetness of a green grape with the plump, grapey flesh of a Concord.
Cornell initially described the grape as "a vigorous and productive green grape with moderately loose clusters."
A couple of these are 'Abracazebra,' from the 'Green Zebra' tomato and 'Green Grape Beyond' from the 'Green Grape' tomato.
Grapes dollar sales increased 5.7% and volume increased 4.5%, driven by red and green grape performance.
We harvest new green grape leaves (waraq dawali) to make a most amazing dish.
Building on the social trend, Jason Richelson, the founder of ShopKeep and owner of the Green Grape, a wine and liquor shop in Brooklyn, NY, presented the concept of cloud computing to the audience and showed how costly infrastructure and software can be replaced by on-demand web applications.
The primary requirement for the drawing is a 25 percent increase in California green grape volume sales for October and November 2007 over the same time period in 2006, noted Nave.
The detailed evocation of this final country wedding scene is wonderful: a banquet of green grape and cheddar-square toothpick skewers; an old man asleep in the corner; Darragh Kelly's splenetic Gremio clutching a cup of milky tea as his toupee lists ever more precariously to starboard; half-drunk bottles of whisky everywhere.
Eona American hybrid Green grape used for wine and eating.
The combination of honey, fresh green grape juice and tea tree oil does battle with troublesome spots while cleansing the skin.
Price of imported fruit at Jakarta central market at end of September 1997 Type of fruits Price Imported fruit: - New Zealand red apple Rp 72,000/20 Kg - Australian red apple Rp 65,000/20 Kg - Australian sunkist orange Rp 80,000/20 Kg - Mandarin orange Rp 25,000/ 8 Kg - White pear Rp 55,000/10 Kg - Red pear Rp 50,000/10 Kg - New Zealand green grape Rp 82,000/10 Kg - Australian red grape Rp 82,000/10 Kg - Bangkok longan Rp 75,000/10 Kg - Bangkok papaya Rp 650/ Kg Local fruit: - Malang green apple ap 75,000/10 Kg - Medan orange Rp 2,700/ Kg - Pontianak orange Rp 2,600/ Kg