Green heart

(Bot.) the wood of a lauraceous tree found in the West Indies and in South America, used for shipbuilding or turnery. The green heart of Jamaica and Guiana is the Nectandra Rodiœi, that of Martinique is the Colubrina ferruginosa.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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IT was the green heart of the canyon, where the walls swerved back from the rigid plan and relieved their harshness of line by making a little sheltered nook and filling it to the brim with sweetness and roundness and softness.
Salamat sa lahat ng nagging parte ng AlDUb Nation sa loob ng apat na taon," Maine wrote online, punctuating her tweet with a green heart emoji.
When a location is cleaned-up the red marker changes to a green heart, after communicating with Friends of the Earth Cyprus at .
The tower's burned shell still stands - wrapped in white and topped by a green heart, which became the symbol of Grenfell.
Wearing a green heart badge in memory of victims, James, 40, drew attention to a report that suggested work is yet to begin to remove dangerous cladding from hundreds of tower blocks.
In uncertain times for the town with its historic market up for sale, Councillor Lowe decided on a 'W' for Wellington as well as a green heart to represent Love Wellington, a social media campaign to promote the positive aspects of the town.
Synopsis: "Living with a Green Heart: How to Keep Your Body, Your Home, and the Planet Healthy in a Toxic World" was written by Gay Brown (an environmental pioneer and founder of Greenopia) specifically for those who are worried that the environmental damage we are doing to our planet literally leaving them sick, sore, and gasping for unpolluted air.
The Green Heart Project, in partnership with the students and faculty of Mitchell Elementary School, will host the ninth annual Harvest Dinner from 6 to 8 p.m.
What Jesus is asking us to do is build a country where everyone knows they are at home," he told the gathering of around 100, some wearing green heart stickers as a show of unity with the city's Muslims.
According to the management committee of the East Lake, the Wuhan promo video concentrated the city's 3,500-year-old history into 1,500 characters through the lens of everyday changes, while the promo video of the East Lake is the "green heart" of Wuhan that reflects the harmony of human and nature, city and lake.
The University of Birmingham clock tower as viewed through the back of one of the new benches in the new "Green Heart" of the campus, by Damien Walmsley These goosanders are literally running down the River Trent as they are flightless after moulting.