Green pigeon

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(Zool.) any one of numerous species of Old World pigeons belonging to the family Treronidæ.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Abstract: A 3-year-old female Bruce's green pigeon (Treron waalia) was presented with granulomatous inflammation of the cere and underlying tissues with osteomyelitis and bone proliferation of the dorsal premaxilla.
BBC Courtesy Ol Projeta Conservancy Sudan - The Last Male Northen White Rhinoceros Another dove recently claimed for Abu Simbel is Bruce's Green Pigeon. One of a largely Asian genus Treron this is a beautiful pigeon, a world away from the feral pigeons of city centers worldwide.
The Bell Green Pigeon He hangs about outside Gavin's cafe Waiting for him to open the door, Then he'll nip inside for a bacon batch Devouring any crumbs upon the floor.
Last year, it was discovered that a 230-year-old spotted green pigeon specimen was not only unique, but related to the extinct, flightless bird, the Dodo.
Tomato sauce, green pigeon beans, and Goya's product line of more than 40 varieties of canned beans are among the most popular items at the Webster center, Mr.
Pemba Island off the coast of Tanzania also has four endemic species including the Pemba green pigeon and the Pemba scops owl.
Goya's products include specialties such as soffito, green pigeon peas, guava paste, tejocotes (jarred small golden apples indigenous to Mexico), piloncillo Mexican brown sugar, pacaya--the initial blossom of a variety of date palm tree that is favored by Guatemalans and Salvadorians, especially during Holy Week and All Saints Day, as well as mainstream items like canned corn and frozen mixed vegetables.
Yellow-vented Bulbul - Pycnonotus goiavier was the most abundant bird species of Marsh Swamp (11.81 +- 1.30 birds/ha), and Dryland (13.93 +- 1.42 birds/ha), Jungle Myna - Acridotheres tristis (8.43 +- 2.07 birds/ha) for Open Water Body while Scaly-breasted Munia - Lonchura punctulata (31.52 +- 4.75 birds/ha) and Pink- necked Green Pigeon - Treron vernans (19.99 +- 4.52 birds/ha) was the most dominant species of Lotus Swamp and Shrub Patches, respectively.
Among the birds found in the mountain forests are African paradise flycatcher, Shining Sunbird, African Rock Bunting, Hume's Tawny Oel, Yellow-bellied Green Pigeon, African Scops and Verraux Eagle breed.
The Spotted Green Pigeon (Caloenas maculate) has been affectionately named after the city where it has been stored for the past century.
Skelton Green Pigeon Fanciers have offered a reward in an attempt to catch the culprits before they strike at another cree.