Green sand

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(Founding) molding sand used for a mold while slightly damp, and not dried before the cast is made.

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In a green sand system, the clay and water combine to form a clay bridge that binds sand grains to one another.
Sand property testing tells a metalcasting facility how well it is controlling its green sand system.
This course is an introduction to the green sand molding process used within a metalcasting facility.
Green sand control in a metalcasting facility relies on reducing the variation in key measurable aspects of sand properties.
The dilution of core sand and other additives into green sand is a popular topic of discussion in the metalcasting industry.
The AFS 4M Green Sand Committee traveled to Indianapolis in October 2013 for its quarterly committee meeting and Adopt-a-Foundry tour.
NewGen is asking for fresh thinking toward improving green sand casting and chemically bonded core and mold technologies.
Now, the aluminum green sand facility is producing castings with the same quality level its customers have come to expect while reducing its hazardous emissions and complying with environmental regulations.
The new consortium is calling for papers on the improvement of green sand casting and chemically bonded core and mold technologies, as well as topics that will facilitate better control of green sand systems, real-time sand property measurement and computer modeling programs for sand systems.
Students will learn to prepare the process map of sand preparation and identify the input and output variables in the manufacturing of castings, the features of various components of molding sand mixtures used in green sand molding, the precautions to be taken and techniques of testing the various properties of molding sand mixtures.