Green sand

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(Founding) molding sand used for a mold while slightly damp, and not dried before the cast is made.

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Water-soluble salts or electrolytes are just some of the mineral contaminants found in everyday tap water used by foundries across the U.S for their green sand systems.
With 601 metalcasting facilities reported using the green sand horizontally parted process and 187 reported using the green sand, vertically-parted process, 649 facilities use one or both of the green sand processes.
Green sand, which is used for molds for the most widely used casting process, is a mixture of sand or aggregate, clay and water.
Sand property testing tells a metalcasting facility how well it is controlling its green sand system.
This course is an introduction to the green sand molding process used within a metalcasting facility.
Green sand control in a metalcasting facility relies on reducing the variation in key measurable aspects of sand properties.
The dilution of core sand and other additives into green sand is a popular topic of discussion in the metalcasting industry.
The AFS 4M Green Sand Committee traveled to Indianapolis in October 2013 for its quarterly committee meeting and Adopt-a-Foundry tour.
NewGen is asking for fresh thinking toward improving green sand casting and chemically bonded core and mold technologies.